Writing Assignment 6 entry modes and target market

This writing assignment has two parts:

1. Pick your preferred method of market entry for the country Canada. Explain how you came to this conclusion. You must discuss at least three other possible methods of entry and why you did not choose them. This part of your writing must be at least three paragraphs.

2. Write about your actual target market – is it 80 year old women in South Karachi? Teenagers in Russia? You must be VERY SPECIFIC. You cannot say “everyone”. You have to start somewhere, so pick one group that makes sense based on the research you have done to date on your product (Makeup brushes), your competitors, and your country. Explain WHY this target market is the best fit for you. This part of your writing must be at least three paragraphs.

3. Writing mechanics will count for 30% of this writing assignment. That means proofread, check your spelling, your grammar, your punctuation, and your word choices. Each paragraph you write must be substantial – a minimum of four to five sentences each.

You must use in-text citations, at least one per paragraph, even if it is the textbook. You may use other sources if you like. If you refer to something from your earlier research, you MUST include the in-text citation and the full reference at the end. And you MUST include a proper list of references at the end. A URL is NOT a proper reference.

Lack of in-text citations and/or references will result in a grade of 0 for this assignment.