Write a strategic plan for Blackberry

Follow the instructions below to write to include, Introductory Statement, Background Statement, Organizational Structure,Vision Statement

Part A

Introductory Statement

Include an introductory statement, it should briefly describe why the strategic plan was developed and for what time period, plus the authors of the plan.

Background Statement

This section may provide information about the organization such as history, management structure, and supporting partners or agencies. Alternatively, you could use this section as a brief business statement – more of an elevator pitch – to concisely describe your business.

Organizational Structure

Include this information if it’s relevant to evaluate how your business or organization operates and is structured – from governing board to staffing.

Vision Statement

A vision statement is an aspirational statement of where you want your unit to be in the future. “Future” is usually defined as the next three to five years, but it could be more. A vision should set the overall direction for the unit and team and should be bold and inspirational. A vision describes the “what” and the “why” for everything you do.

Here is an example vision statement from Zappos: “One day, 30 percent of all retail transactions in the US will be online. People will buy from the company with the best service and the best selection.

Zappos.com will be that online store. Our hope is that our focus on service will allow us to wow our customers, our employees, our vendors, and our investors. We want Zappos.com to be known as a service company that happens to sell shoes, handbags, and anything and everything.”