After reading the article, post a three-paragraph response to the discussion questions. (no word limit as long as the questions are answered fully & properly). Please read the questions carefully:

Q1. After reading “What Makes a Leader” conduct a self-audit of your strengths and weaknesses for each of Goleman’s five components of Emotional Intelligence (See article page four). Write a one-paragraph explanation of your self-audit results.

Q2. Based on your self-audit, pick one strengththat you can leverage to further improve your leadership performance. Describe how you can further leverage your strength in your present situation, and how it supports your working relationships as a leader.

Q3. Based on your self-audit, pick one weaknessthat you can focus on improving to further develop your leadership performance. Describehow you can develop your skills and EI (Emotional Intelligence) to turn the weakness into a strength. How can take your leadership skills to a higher level using the principles of EI.

Find additional sources to expand the conversation around Emotional Intelligence as relates to leadership and cite all source(s) please.

Include information from the article to show that the article has been read. Such as, “according to the article” or “according to Goleman”…etc.

Another tutor completed the assignment but I didn’t like the writing style. Ive attached the document here and information can be used from that document.