What are your personal thoughts and feelings regarding these

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Watch the two videos below: (1) Abu Ghraib: The Bad Barrel and (2) Stanford Prison Experiment After watching the two videos, read the section in your texbook from chapter 4 (“When does Behavior Affect our Attitudes”) and then answer the following questions. To receive credit, your answers and explainations must incorporate information from our textbook (reference the page number and section), as well as, information taken from the videos.
Is prison brutality a product of evil prisoners and malicious guards? Or do the institutional roles of guard and prisoner embitter and harden even compassionate people?Do the people make the place violent? Or does the place make the people violent?Summarize the findings and beliefs of Philip Zimbardo (Explain the findings of his experiement and his take on the Abu Ghraib controversy.What are your personal thoughts and feelings regarding these two videos and the findings in general?