Week 5 Energy Questions | Nursing School Essays

No APA formatting – individual questions – 200 words each. No references required.

1.  There are current government rebate programs for using solar panels on your home to help generate electricity. Do you think such programs are persuasive in convincing people to use alternative energy sources in their homes? Are the rebates and savings on an electric bill worth the cost of installing new technology? Why do you think that?
2.  What factors would you consider before installing solar panels on your home? Do you think it is feasible to use only the power generated from a home’s solar panels to meet all power needs? Why?
3.  What does the term sustainable cities mean to you? If you were a city planner, what requirements would you include in development plans to increase your city’s sustainability? Why did you choose those requirements?
4.  Individual energy conservation is also an important part of the conservation movement. What can you do in your home, with your vehicle, and at your workplace to help conserve energy?