U3L1BLOG- What would life be like if we removed all

U3L1BLOG- What would life be like if we removed all agriculture from our ecosystems? Outline at least 2 negative effects and 2 postier effects.
U3L1J-How does agriculture impact our ecosystems? Explain in a paragraph of seven sentences.
U3L2BLOG-Name one type of waste product produced on a farm. Explain one best management practice to control it.
U3L2J-How can ecosystems support both food production and human populations? Use three vocabulary words in your paragraph.(BIODIVERSITY, MILK-HOUSE WASTE WATER,NUTRIENT WASTE,SUSTAINABILITY, NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT ACT)
U3L3BLOG-In this lesson we learned about bringing food to the market. For this post, explain which step you believe is the most important to bringing food to market and why you think so.
U3L3J-Describe three things you learned about processed foods from your interactive Internet Activity. Were there any items that surprised you?
U3L4BLOG-What are ways you can positively help soil? What are ways you can negatively affect soil. Make a post about each one, then review your classmates’ posts. Identify which reasons have the greatest impact.
Lesson Assignment: Reducing Erosion

For this lesson assignment you need to explain the following question: How do farmers reduce soil erosion in their farming practices? State three things that they do.
u3l4j-How is soil influenced by farming? Describe methods that farmers use to help the soil.