Topics Within The Field Of Human Geography

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Reflection 5 – Geography is EverywhereThe course is quickly drawing to a close! We have covered many topics within the field of human geography, but (alas) there are even more that we have not had time to cover. In this final reflection, you will write about some cultural or social process and/or organization *not* covered in this course that can be studied geographically; in other words, a cultural or social phenomenon that can be viewed using a geographic perspective. This course has asked you to think like a geographer; now it is your chance to show off this skill! Include the following content in this reflection.(1 point)A creative title for your reflection.(3 points) Identify and describe the topic you choose in your own words. Be sure to include all of the relevant details, including any or all of the following (if applicable):the setting (that is, the location),the people involved, andassociated events, circumstances, or situations.(3 points)Explain how this topic is geographical in nature, given your understanding of the geographic perspective that we discuss in Lesson 1 and in Chapter 1 of your textbook. In your explanation, you must identify the lesson the topic would fit in or give the name of a new lesson that would include this topic. In addressing this, be sure to make clear and specific connections with and references to the course material. In this part, it should be obvious to your instructor that you have read the material and gained knowledge.(3 points) Next, locate an article or map from a credible news source that relates to your topic, and list one thing (idea, concept, piece of information, et cetera) from that article that is relevant to your topic and the geography of your topic. You must Include a proper citation and full reference for the article.(3 points) Conclude your response by discussing any personal connection to this topic, (Why did you select this topic?) and how a greater understanding and knowledge of it could benefit you (and all students) in the future. In other words, make a compelling case for why this topic is appropriate for a human geography course. In this last part, you should draw a conclusion to your writing while sharing your thoughts and reflections.Two points out of the total fifteen points for every journal entry are allocated for quality of writing and grammar.