The Boys and Girls Club of America hello, WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT:

The Boys and Girls Club of America
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In week 3 I worked on Boys and Girls Club Organization. So continue to write on the same organization. Week 3 work attached.
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Answer preview……. The Boys and Girls Club of America is a not-for-profit body that offers programs as well as services to promote the growth and development of children by instilling in them belongingness, a sense of competence, influence, and usefulness to the society. The organization currently has 61 percent boys and 31 percent girls. Since the opening of the club in 1860, the main agenda of the club has been to help members in character development as a cornerstone of the experience of children in the club. The Boys and Girls Club offers the members programs that cover a wide range of areas that help achieve the aim. Programs include in areas such as education, arts, drug, and alcohol abuse prevention, gang prevention, athletics and pregnancy prevention among other areas. The club has at least 50,000 professional employees who have vast experience in the areas that the club………
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