Please read the PDF attached to this carefully and answer the 2 parts. Please make sure each part is on one file by itself.

Part 1:

For Part 1, read the attached article:

Miller, J., & Gillentine, A. (2006). An analysis of risk management policies for tailgating activities at selected NCAA division I football games. Journal of Legal Aspects Sport, 16, 197.

In your discussion board post, provide an overview of the main points within the Literature Review (p.197 – 202)

Part 2:

Visit an athletics facility on campus or an athletics event on TV. Using the concepts from the LEGAL ISSUES FRAMEWORK provided in the article, create a list (3-5) of potential risks for spectators and/or participants.Then, utilize steps within the NEED FOR RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES and categorize each risk by:

  1. The amount of risk produced by its impact (low, medium, or high)
  2. The likelihood of occurrence (never, sometimes, or often)
  3. If you believe there should be a risk management policy in place to protect the spectators, participants, and university.