Sustainable Use and Green Strategy Paper

Select one out of these four different building systems:

Tram station: An old train station that is being converted to an energy-efficient light rail system stop.
Strip mall: A new strip mall is being constructed. Specific emphasis is on efficient storm-water drainage, together with efficient use of solar energy and zero-emissions from the individual businesses.
Sports arena: An old facility was demolished and found to have asbestos, lead paint, and soil pollution from chlorinated organic compounds.
Commercial skyscraper: A state-of-the-art building is being constructed with a lightweight recycled steel structure and with minimized use of air conditioning and heating systems.

Assess each of the following energy systems for use in your chosen building system (both as energy source and also power generation purposes):

Wind turbines
Photovoltaic/solar panels
Biomass reactors
Tidal generators

Select a particular energy system and present in detail the applicability in green building design and construction for the building system you have chosen.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing a sustainable use and green strategy for your chosen building system.

Describe possible sustainable heating and cooling systems.
Assess the possible use of wind for your building system
Assess potential sources of onsite renewable power generation given your building system choice
Which energy source would be the best green strategy for your chosen building system?
What makes this the best onsite renewable power source?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.