sustainable design- Honda Smart Home at UC Davis

The Research paper should be 3pgs (100 words) with atleast 7 references in APA format with correct intexting. I already chose a topic, which is the Honda Smart Home at UC Davis west Village. you should work on this project and address what are this project’s goals? how it does work? what are the benefits or advantages it has? what are the pros and cons that contribute to the sustainability? What do you think for this project? (feasible for future? economy?…) etc. 
The basic frame for this paper should have some subtitles to make it clear and organized. also please provide a appropriate title of the paper base on your thesis.
The point of the research paper is to combine your improved evidence-based writing skills with some research on a topic related to this class. the class is basic cover all the concept of sustainability, so consider aspects of urban metabolism, physical /energy flows etc. address such concepts in this paper.
You need have your own opinion in this paper. Make sure this paper is not just introduce the Honda Smart Home. you synthesize some concepts of sustainability and concepts from the project (Honda Smart Home) to address your own well-reasoned thesis. But make sure Do NOT write in the first person (no “I,” “me,” or “we”), also try to avoid passive voice sentence constructions where possible. 
I will upload a presentation page for the Honda Smart Home,  find more sources.Here are some links for Honda Smart Home: (please well-cite any sources you used)