SUPER BOWL FEVER During my senior year, I was working for a

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During my senior year, I was working for a major retail store. What struck me the most about this experience was how easily customers could bring back used merchandise and get refunds. A good example might be “Super Bowl Fever.” People came to the store and bought the largest TV sets just to watch the Super Bowl on the weekend. Then, they returned and requested full refunds for the TV sets on the following Monday morning. Furthermore, I was amazed by the fact that some customers asked the store for full refunds without receipts, and the merchandise not only was used but, in some cases, had been used for several months. However, on many occasions, the customers got their money back right away or checks would be sent to them if they didn’t have their receipts with them.
1. What exactly do businesses owe consumers? Is this not an example of taking consumer satisfaction to ridiculous lengths?
2. Is this an ethical practice on the part of consumers? Does a company “owe” customers this degree of satisfaction?
3. What actions, if any, should such a retail store take to control this practice?