Summarize the different types of scientific evidence for

Homework 1:please visit and check out this very
informative, thorough website.
1. Select “evidence” from the menu or go to
Summarize the different types of scientific evidence for climate change
2. Click on “causes,” or and answer the
following questions: a. What is the greenhouse effect? b. What are the
types of greenhouse gases? c. What is the role of human activity?
3. Write a short reflection (half page) on what you think about this
Homework 2:;_ylt=A2K…Watch the Video the Lorax. It covers a number of environmental resource depletion and waste issues. Name as many environmental issues as you can. Once you have done that, write a one page double spaced paper relating the movie the Lorax to Santa Clara County. Do you see an similarities? What are they? Tell me how urban sprawl has affected the area most of us live in.
Homework 3:Choose any city from the PowerPoint slide on the website and answer the questions in DETAIL. Put some time into your research. If you had to grade the city “A” for excellent through “F” for failure , what grade would you give them and why? Be specific- What could they do better in your estimation?