Speech Outline

Reading Time: < 1 minute

For this assignment, you will submit your topic in advance to your instructor for review. This step helps your instructor identify any concerns with your topic before you develop an entire speech. View Assignment 2

Submit Topic in Blackboard

After you select a topic, you must submit it to the instructor in Blackboard.

Click the Assignment 2: Topic Selection link above. Then click Start Submission to enter your topic selection or upload an attachment in .doc or .docx format. Include the topic and any relevant information your instructor should consider when approving your topic choice.

Reminder: To receive credit for the topic selection, you must submit it by the assigned due date. This step is only required for Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.

I will give you 6 days to do the outline but I NEED THE TOPIC SELECTION TODAY. So just let me know what topic you will be doing and any other information.