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Social Media Tools On March 12, 2011, a tsunami hit Japan with tremendous force, killing thousands of people and annihilating communities. You, like many others around the world, may have watched this event unfold due to the open access to social media. People were able to find loved ones and communicate large amounts of information within a short period of time (Blackburn, 2011).
Now, imagine the impact social media can have upon disseminating information about public health issues and for public health campaigns. Consider the scope of people who you might reach through this one type of communication medium and how you might impact the world by disseminating messages through social media.
For this Application Assignment, consider contemporary social media tools and other communication technology tools you referred  (mass media, telephone, internet, TV, and etc.) to in your discussion that are available to you. Think about which tools could provide your public health campaign the greatest scope and which social media tools might be most appropriate for the public health issue you selected. Also, consider the population you may be interested in reaching, and how social media may be best utilized for that population.
Reference:Blackburn, B. (2011). Japan earthquake and tsunami: Social media spreads news, raises relief funds. ABC World News. Retrieved from
Submit the assignment: Part II: Communication Tools (2–3 pages)