Skin care or nutrition needs with wound healing research paper

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This project allows you to look at a nutritional concern that is of interest to you. This is not an in-depth report. Choose a nutrition question or concern of interest. You may use a variety of resources. To receive full points, follow the guidelines below. A list of ideas is at the end of the page but you can choose any nutrition interest you may have.

– Include a cover page with report title, your name and date. (Add a graphic or other visual as you would if this was a book cover).

– Include a final âsourcesâ page listing all research sources (websites, books, magazines, etc.) If using the web, be sure that there is at least one government (.gov), educational (.edu) or organizational (.org) website to counterbalance any commercial (.com) website you are using.

– Written report should be three to four pages in length, word processed, double spaced, 12-point font, with one inch margins). Do not forget to spell check. You might find it helpful to have someone else proof-read for you for content flow and spelling, grammar errors. Remember spell check has limitations.

– There should be an opening paragraph that includes: E the topic you have researched; E your reason for choosing the topic; Eany other opening comments you think would introduce your topic.

– The body of the paper should include your research and findings.

– You should have a conclusion that includes what you discovered and how that information is of value to you or others.

– Please cite your references.

This should be your own work. Use your own words as much as possible. If you must quote an article, use quotation marks and be sure to add where the information was found and give credit to the author. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from websites, textbooks, or any other source. This is plagiarism and is against college policy.