Santa Monica College Starbucks Global Strategy and Marketing Research

Global Marketing

Starbucks has gone global. Conduct your research to study how the coffee chain has adapted in global market. Choose 3 foreign countries and discuss how Starbucks has changed to address local preference.

The report must be typed and is limited to 1 page (not include appendix) in a font (Arial recommended) of 12 with standard margins. Expanded bullet points are preferred to text intensive documents.


For each country; identify

1. Changes

  • Identify all changes: 12 points
  • Identify most changes: 10 points
  • Identify some changes: 7 points
  • 2. Reasons

  • Connect all changes to relevant local culture: 13 points
  • Connect most changes to relevant local culture: 10 points
  • Connect some changes to relevant local culture