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Interview on Drug Abuse Reduction among Teens

     Drug abuse is a major issue affecting the youths today and causes a lot of damage to them since they cannot cope with the normal life. There is a rise in establishment of rehabilitation centers across the country to offer specialized services to drug addicts who are at a prime point of urgent assistance. Not all are lucky to make it in these centers and therefore they die young as a result. To understand more on how the number of teenagers taking or being exposed to drugs can be reduced, I conducted an interview with the director of Southern Lane Rehabilitation Centre, Dr. John Smith who doubles up as a psychiatrist in the facility and has practiced in this profession for more than twelve years. From the interview, I got an in-depth knowledge and information that despite the many factors for drug addiction, the major one is availability and therefore if the numbers have to lower, drastic measures to curb the main sources should be put in place.

Dr. Smith expounded what drug addiction entails whereby he stated it as being the continual usage of drugs which develops into a habit and the person cannot live without them. He cited the top most abused drugs in U.S. to be alcohol as the leading drug then followed by marijuana. Others on the list were pain relievers, cocaine, depressants, heroin, and inhalants among others. The most affected age group was those below 25 years of age according to Dr. Smith who are mostly introduced to drugs by their peers. They have a well formed ring of drug suppliers which is facilitated further by the ease in communication. This is carried out by well-established war loads who has been in the business quite a long time therefore having the tactics of creating more links in the business.

His take on the government war against drug abuse is that it is on track because it has established major international links that supplies drugs in the US. Some major culprits have been apprehended and this has been a major step though a lot more needs to be done. The federal government has also taken up the fight to establish the local drug dealers who have to be brought to book. Dr. Smith says that over the past five years, teenagers seeking assistance in his facility has doubled and this depicts a rise in drug addiction. Those who seek his services have deteriorated health and their nervous systems have already been affected. On his part, it pains him to observe very well able people wasting away due to drugs in which he has partnered with major organizations who are against drug abuse to raise awareness on the effects of drugs among school students and still stressed that this fight has to be everyone’s and together, drug abuse will be minimized among the teenagers and across the board.

The information I got from Dr. Smith was invaluable in that I got to know the extent of drug abuse in this country and among the youths. It may not be known by the wider community the number of people who lose their lives to drug abuse and the adverse effects it causes to an individual which is alarming. To win over this fight, I understood it takes combined efforts from all stakeholders so as to save the young generation. The interview was so vital such that I will carry out more research on how drug availability among the youths can be reduced.