Research paper l on Children health insurance program CHIP

You may use content from your Research Paper Proposal and article review in your final Research Paper.Ten points will be deducted from your earned grade for failure to provide sufficient and appropriate sources, or for not following the APA 6.0 format.The research paper will be graded on thoroughness, accuracy, organization, professional sounding language, ability to paraphrase, grammatical correctness, spelling, appropriate use of research materials and use of APA 6.0 citation, writing style and mechanics, and evidence of original thought. All information which is not original must be referenced carefully. If you have questions, be sure to ask before handing in your paper.
Direct quotes must be avoided as much as possible. Instead, paraphrasing is a very valuable skill and must be used instead of direct quotes. Most important, you MUST avoid very long direct quotes (over 40 words). APA6.0 requires special formatting for those since they are normally used under special circumstances. Points will be deducted if you use them.
use the 2 attached files to help you building the paper and try to make it related. You must use at least one of the same source from the attached files