Research an Organization Select 1 company a

Research an OrganizationSelect 1 company a small-to-medium-sized-enterprises (SME) with international operations.Utilizing the information discussed in chapters 1-10 you will create and submit a paper that describe the firms operation as a whole.Be sure to discuss the level of risk and profits of the firm market economics the firms global presence ethical and social responsibility issues the entrepreneurship of the firm and their management/leadership style. Finally state whether or not you would consider working for the firm and explain your rationale. Be sure to use all 10 parts of the project outline.Project Outline (let each part be represented as a section in the paper with several sentences addressing this):1. Choose company give some basic company information: size locations2. Background information brief history. What type of product/service (Ch.9) and how is it made?3. Level of risk vs. reward see ch 1 and Section C in rear of text4. Market economics: in what market structure does this business operate? Ch 25. Global presence ch 3; and impact of globalization?6. Companys ethical standing: code of ethics noted; CSR (Ch. 4)?7. How entrepreneurial is the business: innovation growth (Ch.6)?8. Management style observed (Ch 7)? How well does this firm motivate its employees (Ch 10)?9. Would you work there? Why or why not? Give facts and informed opinions not feelings.10. How does this business fulfill Genesis 1:28? Be prepared to justify your answer.APA style and formatting to compose the 900-1000 word research paper.The paper should include a minimum of 6-8 business-related scholarly research articles or trade-based resources in addition to the firms website information and additional supporting data.The word count excludes the reference list.Plagerism at any degree is highly traceable as many modes of checking for plagerism is used