Assignment 1.3: Selecting a Speech Topic

This assignment supports the following lesson objectives: 1.3 Prepare a basic speech

Assignment Overview
This assignment explores the process used to prepare a basic speech. You will explore a potential speech topic and questions about topic selection.

Deliverables A one-page paper (12-point font) written in a word processor, such as MS Word

Assignment Details
In this activity, you will be preparing a speech for the following setting: Classroom with seating for approximately 30 students An audience of 20 of your peers, 10 seats unoccupied Speech start time of 9:00 a.m. Time limit of five minutes to deliver speech No audiovisual supporting materials

Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Review the information presented in the lesson that covers the steps involved in planning a speech.
The main steps involved in preparing any type of speech are:Choose the Right Topic
Narrow Your Topic
Locate Supporting Material
Structure Your Speech
Prepare an Outline
Deliver Your SpeechStep 2: Select a topic.
Use a word processor (such as MS Word) to answer the following questions:
What broad topic will your speech address?
Briefly explain the reason for your broad topic choice in terms of the following considerations:Audience characteristics
Time limit
Your interest and knowledge of the topic
Any other reasons
Narrow the broad topic down to a specific topic. List the specific topic or title for your speech.
Based on the specific topic or title of your speech, write at least two goals you wish to achieve by delivering your speech to the specified audience.
Briefly describe the value of your specific topic and goals to the audience members.Step 3: Save and submit your document.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the drop box