Proposal for paper 1

This is what my instructor provided..

Proposal, Paper 1

For this week, I’m asking you to write a brief proposal (no more than 250 words) in which you define what you think your topic will be for Paper 1 (the rhetorical analysis of comedy) and what direction(s) you think your analysis will take.

So, to put what I expect in bullet point form, make sure that in your proposal you address the following things. Make sure that each point gets its own paragraph (each paragraph, when you write, should contain only one main idea, topic, or part of your task), and please explain yourself fully/flesh out your ideas.

Tell me what humorous/comedic item (stand-up routine, episode of a TV show, political cartoon, meme, etc.) you want to address in Paper 1. Provide a link to it if possible.

Tell me why you’ve chosen this particular thing.

Tell me who you think the original intended audience for this piece was, how you know, and what you think you can guess or infer about that audience (who they are). Explain yourself.

Tell me what you think the creator/comedian/author intended in terms of purpose for this piece (For instance, is it satire? Political comedy? Slapstick? Explain).

Tell me if you think there’s anything controversial or questionable about this comedic item. Explain your answer, and consider how this might be influenced by the target audience.

Grading: This proposal will be worth 30 points—5 points for fully answering each of the above questions sufficiently, and 5 additional points for grammar/mechanics/spelling and paragraph structure.