Assignment #3

For this assignment, you should build on previous assignments and discussion postings to create a comprehensive program evaluation plan. Using the program you have identified in assignments #1 and #2, and discuss the following aspects in detail: description of the program and population served, activities of the program, program outcomes, theoretical basis for the program, selected evaluation model, sources of data, methods of data collection and analysis, and your plan for reporting/disseminating the evaluation findings.

You should provide a rationale for all of your choices, with literature to support them when appropriate. Please be sure to also include a discussion of ethical considerations, and your plan for communicating with program staff and stakeholders throughout all phases of the evaluation. Your paper should be 8 pages. When citing the literature, please remember to follow APA style.

Please use the following headings in your paper to improve organization and ensure all required areas are discussed:

  • Program Description (Including: description of the program, population served, activities of the program, and program expected outcomes)
  • Evaluation Preparation (Including: theoretical basis for the program, selected evaluation model or framework, Logic Model, sources of data and methods of data collection/analysis)
  • Evaluation Reporting (Including: Reporting/dissemination the evaluation findings, ethical considerations, and communication to staff and stakeholders)
  • References