In 3-4 pages, explain the processes and implementation, business framework, and ERP integration and services in Runa Uturuncu LLC’s organization. The goal of this project is the implementation of a set of skills – how to install, learn, and evaluate new technologies. This goal is achieved through the effectiveness of open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Deliverables for this week are:

  1. Analyze the ERP’s system effectiveness by implementing a complex business process (consider the impact on agility and efficiency combining ERP and BPM in the organization). For example, combining both ERP and BPM and providing work instructions to the employees and best practices and standards by which to perform, the company can help employees service customers more quickly, increasing satisfaction and decreasing costs.
  2. Provide a recommendation on whether the software (SAP software) should or should not be used in the organizational setting to run the business.