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The final paper should demonstrate growth of knowledge related to

  • Corporate Culture & Managing in a Global Environment
  • Managing Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Managing Decision-Making
  • Organizational Design & Structure
  • Motivating Employees

While these topics have been addressed through separate, weekly assigned readings and enlightened discussions, they are linked to each other. Consider how corporate culture is shaped by organizational ethics, organizational design/structure, the decision-making process, and how employee motivation and development play a role in organizations. The importance for your learning lies in the application of your acquired knowledge and insights.

In an 8-10-page paper (excluding the title page and reference page) link these five (5) topics through a thoughtful, well-constructed essay demonstrating your in-depth understanding of each topic and how the topics are linked to each other. Use examples from your own work experience, the two texts, and at least one other article you have found in the EBSCO database. Be sure to use APA internal citations and APA documentation style for your reference page.