Reading Time: < 1 minute

You will select two pathological conditions, from the powerpoints attached, related to one specific system that was discussed on this course (for example you can select Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Arrythmias, which are both related to the cardiovascular system.) You will research the diagnosis, signs, symptoms, laboratory tests and treatment procedures for each condition. 

Please note:

1. Your PowerPoint assignment should be based on the pathological conditions chosen from your specific system. Look up information regarding signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the conditions chosen in addition to any procedures and lab tests that apply. 

2. You also need to relate the medical terms you use in your presentation to class discussions and readings (highlight or underline the terms used, divide them, label them and define them). 

3. You will need to use at least two references (peer reviewed articles or reliable websites) not including the textbook for each pathologic condition. 

4. Material should be accurate, properly organized and researched. Use figures, pictures and audiovisuals to reflect the content of your presentation.

5. Assignment should be 10-12 slides (not including your title slide and your reference slide) and should be in PowerPoint format.