Power point for nursing education

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There are clear pedagogical benefits to incorporating active learning strategies in nursing education. The nursing educator of today is being challenged to adapt their teaching styles in order to meet the needs of a diverse population of students. For this presentation, the learner will:

  • Develop a lesson plan on a topic of your choice that would be taught in a prelicensure nursing program (e.g. infection control, oxygenation, or a fundamental skill)
  • Develop 3 objectives for the lesson plan using the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning (there should be one objective for each domain)
  • Identify three active learning strategies that can be utilized with the content to promote a deeper understanding of the material
  • Discuss how the active learning strategies chosen support instruction and student learning
  • Analyze how the chosen active learning strategies can be used as summative and formative assessments of learning
  • Discuss the role of the educator as an organizational leader and change agent.

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, including a title, introduction, conclusion and reference slide, with detailed speaker notes and recorded audio comments for all content slides. Use at least four scholarly sources and make certain to review the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric before starting your presentation. This presentation is worth 400 points for quality content and presentation.