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Hello i need a good and positive comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  90 words.

Nelly Jacobo  

Re:Topic 5 DQ 2

Decades ago people died at home. Due to the advances in medicine, people are living longer than they used to. This has changed individuals desire to keep fighting to keep their loved ones alive. This has also affected the communication with their loved ones regarding their end of life wishes. A majority of individuals are not prepared for the death of their love ones. They have turn to medical facilities in the hopes to care for their loved ones.

According to Ahmad & Caims, 2011, 90% of people would like to die at home, while 10% would like to die at a hospital or nursing facility. Families often feel unprepared and overwhelmed when trying to make decisions regarding the death of a loved one. There are options such as palliative care and hospice care available to provide medical care and support for patients and families during an expected death. Families often prefer to have love ones taken care of by medical staff because they feel that they are more knowledgeable and competent. Taking care of a person in their last days can be very overwhelming and emotional for families. Families often fear that they wouldn’t be able to care for their love ones sufficiently. Many patients don’t have families or friends available to take on this role. Families often lack education regarding options and support available.

As medical staff, it is our responsibility to talk to our patients and families to acquire about their wishes. We need to provide support and education regarding end of life issues. Our goal is to be able to meet patients needs. If a patient is demanding to die at home, nurses need to involve social services and other support available to help meet patients needs. Patient wishes should be respected and all efforts should be taken. Unfortunately families support is required when patients want to die at home. Obtaining help at home can be expensive. Family members might not want to take on this role.

Individuals are living longer than before because of medical treatments available. Not everyone is prepared for death nor have they made their wishes known. Their are available services that can be utilized when faced with a terminal illness. Patients wishes should be respected and proper referrals should be made to help meet patients needs and wishes.