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Instructions for the Written Assignment

Physics Application Paper
As a culminating activity, you will write a brief paper on an object or system of your choice.  The goal of the paper is to analyze the object or system from a physics perspective using the concepts that you learned throughout the term.  I encourage you to bring detailed quantitative analysis to your work.  Choose something that you are interested in and have fun looking at it through the lens of physics!
Some examples that you may consider include amusement park rides, bungee jumping, auto safety devices, a musical instrument, bridge design, gliders, mechanical clocks, etc.  The problem sections of Walker’s Physics are another nice source of ideas.  There are a wealth of scenarios that you can expand upon.
Paper guidelines

Length 2-3 pages double spaced
Must have at least three properly cited external references.
Must have clear connections between your discussion/analysis and the external references.
Wikipedia cannot be used as an external reference.
Credible references include academic, scientific, or industrial publications, journals, and websites.  The ESC Library is a great research resource.
Remember, the goal of the paper is to demonstrate your ability to use course concepts and integrate credible external references into your work.