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Based on the PICO question that you stated in week 2, utilize two studies that apply to the clinical question. Cite the studies based on APA format. 

  • Describe if these findings could be applied to your practice and what aspect of the studies should be applied.
  • Your decision regarding whether this research should be applied should be based on your assessment of the studies. 
  • Discuss your evaluation of the studies and cite your rationale. Your assessment should be based on information discussed in Ch. 20.
  • This assignment should be limited to tHree pages.

This assignment counts for two normal assignments.

Here is the PICO question:

 1.    In pediatric patients aged 2months to 5 years who receive the MMR vaccination, is there an increased risk of autism against those who do not receive the vaccination?

                P= Children aged 2months to 5years.

                I= MMR vaccination

                C= No MMR vaccination

                O= Autism