Police Issue and Trend Paper #1

Police Issues and Tends Paper #1 (100 Points) This papers must be in Word document format, APA 6th ed The paper must be a TOTAL of Five (5) pages minimum according to APA standards. Papers will be evaluated according to grammar, syntax, organization, and APA format. Professor’s proof reading and corrections are very costly to the grades, especially correcting the same mistake(s) repeatedly. Each student is required to write about the current police system in America. Your paper should include what it takes to be a police officer today, what the current situation in America is that law enforcement has to deal with, and where the future of law enforcement is going. Each research paper must have four (4) developed Scholarly Peer Reviewed source outside the video (Only online CSU library or government websites can be used such as Proquest or Ebscohost). Wikipedia, encyclopedia, and blogs are NOT acceptable as sources in academic writings. All research papers must conform to the America Psychological Association (APA) format. For additional information on this formatting please refer to http://www.apastyle.org.