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Re:Topic 3 DQ 1

You have an idea to improve patient care that you would like upper management to support and fund. What type of communication tool would you use to present your idea and why?

It is good to prepare yourself by researching almost everything about the ideas you have before formal presentation. Good and proper preparation and practice could help boost someone’s confidence. First, I would share my ideas with my colleagues, their feedback could give me a hint on how the management might react or the questions they might ask. One of the keys to a successful upward communication is the emphasize the benefits of the ideas to the patient’s care rather than the processes and background details, because when you speak upward (top management), the audience wants to address the questions that are most relevant to them, rather than how you get there, so it is important to be precise and clear when communicating (Grant, 2017)

Communication vary among groups, the tools, channels, and pattern used determines its effectiveness, communication could be transmitted through both verbal or non-verbal modes. Formal and informal methods also may be use when communicating. (Huber, 2014)

The communication tools I would use is the leaflets because information contained on it, is precise, clear and on point. It could contain some graphics that could engage and sustain the attention of the readers.

Email could also be used, because it is faster to disseminate information via emails and to a larger number of audience wherever they are, even people on vacation could access the information.

Presentation; Power-point presentation would be ideal because voluminous information can be compressed to a smaller, but concise, clear, and precise. There is an opportunity to answer questions asked and get feedbacks. There could be opportunity to have physical contacts with people.

Holding a meeting could also be beneficial as well, to better explain the ideas to the board members, especially to convince them to support and fund the ideas that would greatly benefit patient care delivery.  


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