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Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.


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Re:Topic 3 DQ 2

This was a tough discuss questions for me. Hopefully I answered it right. 

Creation: “According to Christianity, the Christian God is the creator of everything that exists” (Grand Canyon University, 2015).

Fall: “Sometime after the creation, there occurred an event in human history in which this created order was broken” (Grand Canyon University, 2015).

Redemption: “The rest of the story in the Bible after Genesis 3 is a record of humanity’s continual struggle and corruption after the Fall, and God’s plan for its redemption” (Grand Canyon University, 2015).

Restoration: “The final chapter of this narrative is yet to fully be realized. While God has made available a way to salvation, ultimately the end goal is the restoration of all creation to a state of Shalom. The return of Jesus, the final judgment of all people, and the restoration of all creation will inaugurate final restoration” (Grand Canyon University, 2015).

Every human on this earth is made by God. God sacrificed His son for our sins. God has a plan as to when a person will be get sick and even die. I like to believe everyone here on earth has a purpose. I find myself questioning if God is so powerful why does he let people die at a young age? I must deeply believe He has a purpose when someone is taken from earth way too soon.

I also read when a human get ill it’s so “His purposes might be fulfilled” not exactly sure what this means. Or “God has also used sickness as a judgment against people who were in rebellion against Him” in hopes that individual will turn to Him for guidance 

To find comfort and hope in the light of sickness one must turn to God for guidance and healing hands.