Organizational Behavior Paper

Step 1: Our textbook has been attached, please just read Chapter 7 (page 253-302), which is mainly talking about stress management and emotions / personality.

Step 2: And then, there is a movie called Inside Out. Please watch it. If you don’t have time, you can just watch this 2 minute movie summary on Youtube:

Step 3: After that, please write a paper to combine the movie plot and textbook concepts (just Chapter 7) together. In other words, writing about how the movie plot reflects in the concepts. Please follow these two points: 1) Introvert vs. extrovert; 2) Life changes/turning points (moved to San Francisco) ex. First day to new school, troubles in Riley’s dad business, the van got delayed, etc…

NOTE: The paper length is 2 pages double-spaced. You don’t need use too much space to summary the whole movie or book concepts. Just directly talk about the two points. Thank you!

Last thing: Please DO NOT

use Turnitin system to check your similarity. This action will leave

record in the system and kill me afterwards…