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two papers been evaluated on effect on telephone based counselling in Physical activity in women with breast cancer 1. I already critiqued the 2 topics and both concluded in positive impact of TELEPHONE BASED INTERVENTION (this is my intervention which i want to implement in clinical settings for best care of breast cancer patients as it help in reducing recurrence). 2. involvement of CLINICAL GUIDELINES in Telephone counselling in Physical activity. is there is or not?? 3. How it can be involved effectively in patient care. as telephone counselling in Physical activity is not a primary part of treatment, WHY, and HOW can change be introduce?? 3. Do nurses supposed to take this job for counselling?? incentives for them??? or WHAT should be involved for promoting the care?? OR special physical examiner role to be create?? 4. if CHANGE can not be made?? than what?? other nursing or medical strategies in promoting PA through TC? 5. please all data should be referenced well… and NOT be Desсrіptive with no references… 6. attaching a example of better understanding of my ideas… but definitely different way of writing. thank you