Operations Management (BUSS1501)

Learning Outcomes to be assessed in this assessment

 Identify and solve decision problems related to the various operations functions, like

Project Management, Project Plan Gantt Chart, Break Even, and Inventory Management.

 Differentiate the different techniques and use the appropriate technique in problem solving

within operations management.

1. Discuss the concept of Inventory Management, ABC classifications, advantages and


2. What is forecasting and how does it help in solving problems in an organization

3. Explain the production project planning using appropriate Gantt chart analysis, (give an

example from a mini based operational project).

4. List and explain the complete role of Operation Manager. Highlight two Operation

Manager’s example.

* Each question should have a definition, examples, opinions and what is important in the organizations and what is necessary, their impact and their results.

*Notice : when you finish from my assignment i have to submit in turnitin and that website its looking or searching in my assignment words if i taken from any resource of ( internet, students , books, newspaper …) so you have be careful in that to not become higher then 15%

*Notice: put citation in discussion and add references in Harvard Style also index , an introduction ,recommendation.

* Answer within a word limit of 2000 words with 10 % more/less will be