Before deciding the application of Universalizability you need to have a fixed definition. To some, Universalizability’s definition is debatable. This assignment will allow you to expand on the Principle of Universalizability and provide a better understanding of the concept. The paper below will give you an opportunity to examine the concept of Universalizability and determine your position.


  • Evaluate the Principle of Universalizability. (3.4)

Theory and Context

The Principle of Universalizability is important because it asks the question “what if everyone did that?” There are many actions we as a society are okay with some people doing, but not everyone. This principle places the emphasis on maintaining a standard for all people. The opposite of this has been demonstrated many times throughout history. Think about this concept in application. Specifically, what about when the Romans decided that Christians were too different from the societal norm and wanted them killed? What about when the Nazi party decided that the Jewish race (among many others) was too inferior to remain on earth?


  1. Write a 3-4 page research paper explaining the Principles of Universalizability.
    • Discuss its application in the real world.
      • Consider if it is plausible to hold to this concept if there is no absolute truth.
      • Give of an example where the idea of universalizability, consistent judgments, has not played out in the business world.
  2. Provide at least three sources.

APA formatting is required. Reference the APA