Nutrition Discussion

Nutrition Discussion

Mr. Smith is an 80-year-old male that has recently lost his wife. His family does not live near him but are with him for the holidays. Mr. Smith has had a 20 lbs weight loss in the last 3 months. He takes medication for arthritis and hypertension. Mr. Smith in his assessment states that his wife did the cooking and he had little experience cooking. His meals usually consisted of cereal with milk and coffee for his breakfast and soup for his meal later in the day. He states that he does snack on crackers if he gets hungry. You notice that his dentures are ill-fitting and he claims that food does not taste the same for him. He is on a fixed budget.

A. What physiological factors might contribute to Mr. Smiths weight loss?

B. What psychosocial factors might contribute to his weight loss?

C. Give an explanation on why his dentures might not fit well?

D. What community resources are available to help Mr. Smith in improving his nutritional status?