Strategy multiple choice questions

1. What are the types of integration do companies pursue in Merger and Acquisitions,? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

2. What are the types of diversification? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

3. What are the sources of competitive advantage of a franchise?

4. What is the difference between collusion and cooperation?

5. What are the types of strategic alliances?

6. What are the advantages of cooperative strategies?

7. What are corporate level strategies? What are the reasons firms use such strategies? How is the relationship between corporate diversification strategies and corporate performance?

8. What are Free Cash Flows?

9. What are differences between economies of scope and economies of scale?

10. What are the types of international strategies (Global Integration vs Local Responsiveness matrix)

11. What are the factors of the “Porter’s Diamond”? ( that is, 1) Related and supporting industries, 2) demand conditions, 3) strategy, structure and rivalry among firms; and 4) factors of production.) How do they provide competitive advantage to nations?

12. Why do companies expand internationally?

13. What type of business cycle markets (slow, standard, fast), do these industries have: steel, airlines, fast food, computers, beer? How do business cycles affect the need for strategic alliances?

14. What are the types of complementary strategic alliances?

15. What are the main characteristics of organizational structure? What are the main types of organizational structure—similarities and differences? Why companies do chose one type over the other?