Nike Advertising In a well-written (at least two pages)

Nike Advertising
In a well-written (at least two pages) paper supported by at least one scholarly journal and two additional sources select a current advertising campaign that you feel reaches its target market. Determine who the target market is for this advertising campaign. Using the AIDA model determine how the advertising campaign aligns with this model. Suggest two improvements to the advertising campaign. Provide a link to the advertising.
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REQUIREMENTS  essay marketing Strategic 2pgs refs and cite outline this as an american always, so a US based advertisement Answer preview………. In the present competitive market, advertising has been one of the critical tools of outdoing competitors. One of the advertising campaigns reaching its target market is that of Nike of “It’s gotta be the shoes” campaign. Nike revamped their campaign of shoes by using the brand’s fastest marathon runner, the Nike Zoom Vapor Fly 4% along with other legendary athletes including skater Paul Rodriguez and long distance runner Shalane Flanagan (Chin, 2018). The target market for Nike products are the professional athletes as well as the regular people. The company is also focusing on women customers that are attributed to the use of women during the advert, particularly in the Nike shoe therapy. Additionally, Nike focuses on young athletes who form a big part of their sales strategies as it tries to ensure future growth………
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