New England College Cultural Differences Discussion

Cultural differences, while difficult to observe and measure, are obviously very important. Failure to appreciate and account for them can lead to embarrassing blunders, strain relationships, and drag down business performance. While some organizations are able to make cultural diversity a source of advantage, others do not. Identify a recent situation in the news in which an organization failed to consider the various cultural norms of stakeholders. Where did they fail and what would you recommend based on your readings, research, and Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions?

Required Materials – Other

Geert Hofstede: A Conversation About Culture.

Required Videos

Principles of Management International

Cross cultural communication | Pellegrino Riccardi | TEDxBergen

Challenges and opportunities to the managers of today | BBA 3rd sem| Organisational Behaviour | ppt

Required Readings

Textbook Chapter 6

Text Book :

Required Materials and Textbook(s)
Management: Leading and Collaborating in the Competitive World 13th e (loose-leaf)
(Bateman/Snell/Konopaske), McGraw-Hill (2018)
ISBN: 9781260194241
A Pocket Style Manual 8th e (Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers) Bedford/St. Martin’s (2018)
ISBN: 978-1-319-05740-4