Reading Time: 12 minutes

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word reflection regarding the simulation and its importance to the course or to your potential career. Include the following:

  • Summarize key points of the simulation.
  • Explain the relevancy of the simulation to the course and to your potential career.
  • Explain the importance of relevancy and engagement to the health care consumer.
  • Explain how advances in technology and medicine may enable consumers to make health or unhealthy choices.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

I will post all instructions of the assignment. The only portion I am required to do is the conclusion. The paper is on a simulation, “How Are We Doing”.


I was not able to put the simulation link on here but I have added a transcript of the simulation. Hopefully you can create a conclusion from this.

Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20121How Are We Doing?Introduction:Itâs time for a marketing audit! Bright Road Health Care System wants to see how responsive they are tomarket needs and preferences, and if there marketing strategies are showing a good return oninvestment. You are a marketing consultant who has been brought in as an objective party to performthis audit. Once the information is gathered, you will identify the top 3 strengths and the top 3weaknesses of the organization. Then, you will make prioritized recommendations to turn theweaknesses into strengths.Characters:1. Blake Hines, CEO of Bright Road Health Care System2. Amit Patel, Marketing Director for Bright Road3. Kimberly OâNeill, CFO for Bright Road4. Quinn Smith, Chairman of the Board of Bright Road Health Care SystemLocations:1. Conference Room2. Marketing Director’s Office3. CFOâs Office4. Studentâs OfficeHealth Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20122Scene 1: Audit Discussion with CEO and Chairman of BoardIn this scene, the Student meets with the CEO of Bright Road, Blake Hines, and the Chairman of theBoard, Quinn Smith. They discuss the need for the audit and accomplish the first two steps in themarketing research process: 1) Problem definition, and 2) Specifying Research Objectives. Blake istraveling, so she asks if Quinn can be available to the Student for questions and assistance.Location Conference RoomScene setup Quinn sits on the left. Blake is projected on the screen via video chat.On-screen characters Quinn Smith, Blake Hines (on screen via video chat)Off-screen characters N/AOn screen text: Today you have a meeting with both Bright Roadâs CEO and Chairman of the Board . . .The notepad icon is highlighted and an on-screen text bubble appears.On-screen text: Remember to take notes as you go. These notes will be available throughout, and willhelp you form your recommendations later on.Student is able to open the notepad and take notes during the rest of the scene.BLAKE (on screen)QUINNBLAKE (on screen)QUINNIâm glad you both could join me today.Weâre glad you were able to find time in your schedule. I know itâs been a busyconference for you, Blake.Yes, very busy. But, I didnât want to wait until I got back to get this study going. Igot yours and Kimberlyâs emails, expressing concern about how much weârespending on the new marketing changes. So, I thought we should start on thisas soon as possible.(to Student) Iâll fill you in on the genesis of this project. As you know, weâveimplemented some substantial marketing changes over the last six months, andnow the Board and executive team would like to evaluate and see whichchanges are working and which arenât.STUDENT OPTION 1 What is your measure of success?STUDENT OPTION 2 Can we discuss the market research process that weâll be following?Student can click either option to continue; must choose both eventually.QUINN RESPONSE 1 Iâd say our measure of success is pretty simple. Did we get enough response forthe amount of money we spent?Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20123BLAKE RESPONSE 2 Thatâs a good place to start. Generally, we use the five-step process. First, wedefine the problem. Second, we specify our research objectives. The third stepis creating the research design. Fourth, we collect the data. Finally, we analyzeand evaluate the results.STUDENT Sounds good. Can we plan on accomplishing the first two steps in this meeting?QUINN Thatâs what I was thinking. I laid out the problem already, determining the costeffectiveness of our new marketing efforts.STUDENT OPTION 1STUDENT OPTION 2Yes, thank you for that.Actually, can we narrow our focus a little more?Student can click either option to continue.BLAKE RESPONSE 1BLAKE RESPONSE 2I actually think we need to narrow our focus a little more than that.Yes, thatâs what I was thinking.Either response allows Student to continue.STUDENT OPTION 1 What changes in particular do you want to study?STUDENT OPTION 2 What segment of the market should we look at?STUDENT OPTION 3 Can we also talk about the objectives for our study?Student can choose any option to continue, but will choose all eventually.BLAKE RESPONSE 1 Iâd like to see if the recent improvements to our web presence have paid off.And were the efforts to expand our market with Personal Health Recordssuccessful?QUINN RESPONSE 1 Yes, and we made changes to help increase the numbers of patients using ouroutpatient pharmacy. Iâd like to see how these changes panned out, too.QUINN RESPONSE 2 Thatâs where we could use your help.BLAKE RESPONSE 2 Right. Iâve asked Amit Patel, our Marketing Director to work with you closely onthis study. Maybe the two of you can come up with an answer on marketsegment together.Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20124This response kicks the Student back to options.BLAKE RESPONSE 3 Some of the studies weâve conducted in the past have been exploratory. Wetried to determine why maternity patient rates were trending downward. Wealso did a study that was descriptive, where it simply took a cross-section of ourtarget demographic and sought to describe what their biggest needs were.QUINN RESPONSE 3 Then, there were the studies that were more like testing the market before wemade a particular program change. (To Student) Based on what weâve discussedso far, how would you describe our objective on this study?STUDENT OPTION 1 I would say this is descriptive.STUDENT OPTION 2 I think we can call this exploratory.**STUDENT OPTION 3 This would be more like a study to test the market, a predictive or test of ahypothesis.Student can choose any option to continue.BLAKE RESPONSE 1 Yes, I think youâre right. Our objective is to describe how the changes weâvelisted have had an impact in relation to their cost.BLAKE RESPONSE 2 & 3 Actually, I donât think thatâs right. Our objective is to describe how the changesweâve listed have had an impact in relation to their cost.STUDENT Iâll work with Amit to create a study that describes the response to the marketingchanges and takes into consideration the expenditure. Who else do you suggest I speakto?BLAKE Iâve asked our CFO, Kimberly OâNeill, to work with you on evaluating the financial side.QUINN Iâm available too, whenever you need me. Just let me know.BLAKE Iâm eager to see what we find.Scene 2: Meeting with Amit Patel, the Marketing DirectorIn this scene, the Student meets with Amit Patel, Bright Roadâs Marketing Director, to work on creatingthe research design. They discuss who to target for the study as well as what types of questions to ask. Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20125The Student is given a chance to draft questions for the study at the end. The Studentâs questions will besubmitted for grading.Location Director of Marketing OfficeScene setup The student sits across from the Director of MarketingOn-screen characters Amit PatelOff-screen characters NoneOn screen text: You meet next with Amit Patel, Bright Roadâs Marketing Director. Remember, answersyou submit during this scene will be evaluated to assess your aptitude . . .AMIT So, this is great. We get to measure some results of our efforts over the last sixmonths now. Very exciting!STUDENT I met with Blake Hines and Quinn Smith in which we established the problemand the objective of the study. We just need to determine what marketsegment to target.AMIT Well, what specific areas do we want to evaluate? That will help us determineour market segment.**STUDENT OPTION 1 Online improvements, PHR, and use of the outpatient pharmacy.STUDENT OPTION 2 Social media, PHH, and use of the outpatient pharmacy.STUDENT OPTION 3 Use of the outpatient pharmacy, web database improvement, PHR marketing.Student can choose any of the options to continue.AMIT RESPONSE According to notes Blake sent me, we want to see how improvements to ourwebsite, Facebook page, and Personal Health Record increased engagement.Also, weâre going to see how outpatient pharmacy improvements have beenreceived. Who would be able to give us the best data on these segments? Doyou think we should target the community at large or customers using ourproducts and services over the last six months?STUDENT OPTION 1 I think we should take a cross-section of the community, to see if theyâvenoticed the changes weâve made.STUDENT OPTION 2 Itâs probably best to narrow our market to customers over the last six months.Student can select either option to continue.AMIT RESPONSE 1 That might not be the best approach. If we look at the most recent customers,then weâll be able to get the most relevant data. Just like when you walk into a Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20126dealership to buy a car and the salesman asks how you heard about them. Thedealership is determining how well particular advertising channels are workingfor them.AMIT RESPONSE 2STUDENTAMITI agree. If we look at the most recent, then weâll be able to get the mostrelevant data. Just like when you walk into a dealership to buy a car and thesalesman asks how you heard about them. The dealership is determining howwell particular advertising channels are working for them.Okay, that sounds good. What do you think are the kinds of questions weshould be asking?Now that weâve established the market segment, we can form questionsrelated to where the problem might be: our organization, our competitors,products and services, pricing, promotion and channel distribution.BRANCHING OPTIONSSTUDENT OPTION 1STUDENT OPTION 2STUDENT OPTION 3Letâs talk about questions related to our organization and competitors.Can we discuss products and services, and pricing?What questions do you think we should design related to promotion andchannel distribution?Student can select either option to continue.BRANCHING 1AMIT RESPONSE Sure, letâs talk about perception of our organization versus our competitors.STUDENT OPTION 1 What specifically are we hoping to learn in these areas?STUDENT OPTION 2 What kinds of questions do you suggest asking about this?AMIT REPSONSE 1 We want to see how Bright Road is perceived by people who use our productsor services. Do they see us as patient-focused and in tune with their needs? Arewe portrayed as a quality institution? Did they consider our competitors beforechoosing Bright Road? How do we measure up in perception?AMIT REPSONSE 2 For our website and Facebook users, we can employ opinion-based questioningto see whether they thought the improvements helped convey the rightperception of Bright Road. For those who chose to use our PHR program or Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20127revisit our Outpatient Pharmacy, we can ask how they arrived at this decision.These can be open-ended questions or opinion-based, comparing Bright Roadto competitors in this area. Then, we should be able to see if weâvedifferentiated ourselves enough.Student returns to Branching options.BRANCHING 2AMIT REPSONSE Sure. In this case, we can focus on one product, the PHR program, and we canlook at the Outpatient Pharmacy service, as well. Pricing can be tied into both.STUDENT OPTION 1 What kind of data should we collect about the PHR program?STUDENT OPTION 2 How do you see us collecting data about the Oupatient service?Student may click either option to continue.AMIT RESPONSE 1 When it comes to the Personal Health Records program, we can see how thecustomer was referred to it. Was it through word of mouth, the internet, or oneof our billboards? We can then ask their opinion on pricing. If this product ispriced too high or too low and if they believe the value aligns with the price.AMIT RESPONSE 2 We can use open-ended questions regarding the patientâs experience with ourOutpatient Pharmacy, and we can have them rate certain aspects. We can use ascale, from Highly Satisfied to Extremely Dissatisfied and we can target some ofthe improvements we focused on, such as shorter wait time and better accessto over-the-counter medications during their visit.Student returns to Branching options.BRANCHING 3AMIT REPSONSE Promotion and channel distribution are big ones, here. What do you think?STUDENT OPTION 1 I think we should ask which type of promotion, if any, moved them to utilize ourproducts or services.STUDENT OPTION 2 I think we can talk about visibility and accessibility when it comes to channeldistribution.AMIT RESPONSE 1 Good. For example, did the follow up e-mail newsletter from the OutpatientPharmacy prompt them to use the facility again? Or, did they see the survey onour Facebook page about PHRs and visit the website? Once they were on the Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 20128website, did they watch the video we created about PHRs, and did they feel ithelped in their decision process?Student returns to remaining option.AMIT RESPONSE 2 Are you referring to the visibility of our brand – our product and serviceofferings? In that case, I agree. We can also ask whether the extended hours ofoperation at the Outpatient Pharmacy made it more accessible to the patient.STUDENT This all sounds good. Now, how do you think we should collect the data? Phoneinterviews, surveys by mail, or maybe one-on-one interviews, or focus groups?AMIT I can tell you already, that we donât have the budget for one-on-one interviewsor focus groups. I think that thereâs too much of a risk that a survey wonât becompleted if we send it by mail or by email. Phone interviews are probably best,as long as we keep the number of questions low and make them as clear andeasy to answer as possible.STUDENT I agree. Do you want me to put together a list of questions for you to review?AMIT That would be great. Iâll send you an outline of the key areas, like we discussed,and maybe some examples of what Iâm looking for. If you can fill it in and send itback to me, we can go from there.NOTE: Amitâs office fades out and the Studentâs laptop fills the screen with an email program open.On-screen text: Later, you receive the email from Amit. Review, fill in the chart with survey questions,and then send it back to him. Be sure to use your notes!NOTE: Email from Amit contains the following table for the Student to fill in using a free text response.Key Area QuestionsThe Organization andCompetitorsExample: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being leastand 5 being most, do you feel Bright Road isattempting to meet your most critical needs?1.2.Products & Services, andPricingExample: Where did you first learn about BrightRoadâs PHR program? _Family/Friend _Billboard_Bright Road website _Facebook _otherHealth Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 201293.4.Promotion and ChannelDistributionExample: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being leastand 5 being most, do you feel the emailnewsletter from Bright Roadâs OutpatientPharmacy contributed to your return to thefacility?5.6.Once the Student has filled in the open slots, they are given the chance to Submit.On-screen text: Nice work! Your email has been sent to Amit.Scene 3: Reviewing the ResultsThis scene takes place three weeks later after the raw data from the surveys has been gathered. TheStudent will meet with the CFO to review the key findings and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.Chairman of the Board, Quinn Smith, will call at the end and discuss, as well, asking the Student to senda more in-depth recommendation on how to turn weaknesses into strengths.Location CFOâS OfficeScene setup Student faces Kimberly who sits behind her desk.On-screen characters Kimberly OâNeill, Quinn Smith (on video call)Off-screen characters N/AOn screen text: 3 weeks later, you meet with CFO, Kimberly OâNeill to analyze the survey results . . .KIMBERLY First, let me say that I think you and Amit did a wonderful job putting the surveytogether. We collected a lot of very useful data.STUDENT Iâm glad to hear it. Can we take a look at the results?KIMBERLY Definitely. And, feel free to ask for whatever information you need about the financialaspect as well. I know youâre looking to put together a recommendation after you havea chance to evaluate the results. I have a list of the results from the customer surveys.Shall we take a look?Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 201210NOTE: Student can close window and resume conversation when they are done reviewing. Results shouldbe made available to the Student for duration of Learnscape.STUDENT OPTION 1 It looks like the billboard campaign was not very effective. Was this a largeexpenditure, and how do you think it could be improved?STUDENT OPTION 2 Why do you think the e-newsletter had a negative impact?STUDENT OPTION 3 Did the increase in appreciation for Bright Roadâs improved online presenceresult in more leads or sales?KIMBERLY RESPONSE 1 It wasnât too large of a cost, and I think that was our problem. We didnâtput the message on enough billboards. I believe we only did 3 billboardsin the metropolitan area.KIMBERLY RESPONSE 2 I think the e-newsletter was too frequent. We brought on a social mediacopywriter at full time, and I think she sent the newsletter out toofrequently. She sent it weekly to our Outpatient Pharmacy customerdatabase. I think we could cut that down to every other week, whichwould save us on the budget by reducing the position to part time orcontract.KIMBERLY RESPONSE 3 Thatâs a very good question. Yes, it looks like sales from leads generatedthrough our website and Facebook outreach is up 20% over the last sixmonths. I think this is a very good indicator.STUDENT Yes, I think itâs a great indicator. Oh, excuse me. Iâm getting a call from Quinn Smith.Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 201211NOTE: Studentâs phone appears with an incoming video call from Quinn Smith. Student is able to acceptthe call.QUINN (on video call) Hi there! Just checking in to see how the results are looking. I hope I didnâtinterrupt. Iâm just anxious to see what weâve discovered.STUDENT There are definitely some strong points, but also some areas that needimprovement. Iâm actually reviewing the results with Kimberly OâNeill rightnow.QUINN (on video call) Oh, Iâm sorry. Look, I donât want to keep you. Can you send me an email lateron, so I can share some of your findings with the Board at our meetingtomorrow? Just a high level look will do. Why donât you list out the top threestrengths and the top three weaknesses? Then, you can maybe add somesuggestions on how we can turn those top three weaknesses into strengths!Sound good?STUDENT Sounds good. Iâll send it later on today or first thing in the morning.QUINN (on video call) Thank you.The phone call ends and scene resumes with Kimberly.KIMBERLY Sounds like you might have a busy afternoon ahead of you. Are there any otherquestions I can help you with?STUDENT My last question is about the PHR program. It seems like the survey onFacebook got peopleâs attention. Where else did you promote it?KIMBERLY We actually did a mailer to the retirement communities in our areas, to raiseawareness among the aging population. But, that didnât seem to have anymeasurable effect. Our main demographic for that product is still 50 years oldand younger. Maybe free workshops in those communities would be a betterway to go.STUDENT Thatâs a good idea, and really good information for now. Thanks, Kimberly.KIMBERLY No problem. Just let me know if you need anything else.Health Care MarketingLearnscape 4: How Are We Doing?Health Care Marketing Learnscape 4 Final December 10, 201212Scene 4: Making Your RecommendationIn this scene, the Student will submit an email to Quinn Smith, Chairman of the Board, outlining the topthree strengths and the top three weaknesses of the marketing campaign, along with suggestions onhow to improve on the weaknesses.Location Studentâs OfficeScene setup Student is sitting at their desk.On-screen characters NoneOff-screen characters NoneOn-screen text: Itâs time to write your email to Quinn Smith, Chairman of the Board, outlining the topthree strengths and the top three weaknesses of the Bright Road marketing survey results. Be sure toinclude suggestions on how to turn the weaknesses into strengths.NOTE: The scene is a close up of the studentâs computer screen with the email application open. TheâTo:â section is filled with the description âQuinn Smithâ and the subject is already filled in:âCONFIDENTIAL: Marketing Survey Results Recommendations.âOn-screen text: Type your recommendation in the body of the email. Donât forget, you can use thesurvey results and notes youâve taken throughout your interviews. Be sure to back up yourrecommendation with the analysis of the information gained along the way.NOTE: The student will be given an option to âSubmitâ the email after writing it. After the studentsubmits the email, the computer screen fades to the previous view of the studentâs office.On-screen text: Your recommendation to Quinn Smith has been sent! Nice work