MN502 Unit 10 DQ Topic 1

Review the course outcomes at the beginning of the course (also listed in the course Syllabus) and assess how you have met each outcome. Include in your Discussion how assignments and readings have contributed to your development as a nurse in an advanced role. Remember to share some of your thoughts related to specific websites you found of value in your discussion.
Course Outcomes: By the end of this course, you should be able to:
MN502-1: Explain how conceptual knowledge applies to the advanced nurse roles.
MN502-2: Evaluate the application of nursing theories and conceptual frameworks to the advanced nurse roles.
MN502-3: Formulate a professional nursing philosophy based upon the roles and responsibilities of the advanced nurse.
MN502-4: Create a conceptual framework based on nursing science, theory, and research to guide the advanced nurse roles.
Outcomes were fully met. Include 3 references.