MGT321 Concordia University Irvine Delloit and Apple Company Case Study

Read three articles + case study and write one page case study following the requirements.

Here’s a quick overview of what should be covered in your one-page case memo (double spaced, one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman, APA format):

Part 1is concise (maybe 2-3 brief sentences): What is the main business issue in this case? Then, based on that, what is the specific business decision that needs to be made, given the case facts?

Example: The key issue in this case is that iPhone sales have declined because the factory in China keeps missing its production targets due to shortfalls in quality. In this case, we’re choosing between two different alternatives: Either we should shut down the iPhone manufacturing plant in China, or divide production between China and Vietnam.

Part 2explains the criteria that must be used to make this decision. What specific criteria are provided in the case (and additional readings we’ve done) that guide making this specific decision? Use the concepts and frameworks from that week’s associated readings, too, when applicable.

Example: If the case is about whether or not to shut down a business, what criteria does the case use to make the appropriate decision about shutting down or not? Identify 4-5 criteria, and explain which ones are most important, and why.

Part 3is to make a clear decision and supply major reasons from the case and readings that support your recommendation. What decision do you recommend? What are the major facts in the case and concepts from our readings that support your recommendation? Cite/interact with them. And what are the major risks of your recommended decision?

Example: Apple wants to produce a global phone, so I recommend that we divide production between China and Vietnam. Second, Apple needs to lower its iPhone costs, and Vietnam’s manufacturing costs are clearly below those in China; dividing production will help Apple lower its total iPhone production costs. Third, Apple also wants to lower is risk exposure in producing high volumes of iPhones – dividing production between two countries lowers the country-specific risk of manufacturing for Apple. Finally, Apple is concerned that it is not getting enough operations managers trained quickly enough to manage international supply chain and manufacturing; dividing production between two countries will ensure that at least two senior operations managers plus two operations managers will be overseeing international manufacturing at a time. Since half of these managers will be dealing with production in different countries, Apple can develop its international supply chain more rapidly while developing more operations managers.

Important Guidelines:

Your case memo should specific facts from the case to support your recommendation, and it should cite the concepts and frameworks from the other assigned readings, using them to support your arguments. Any recommendation that isn’t anchored to both the case data and the readings is simply opinion and wouldn’t earn any credit. The case memo should fit on one page using APA format (feel free to use single spacing instead of double spacing between lines); the references should all appear in APA format on a second page. Don’t bother putting your name or my name onto the page – just write the three sections. Name the file with your full name.

Final tip: Make sure to read the final two articles before you read the case – they will open your eyes to key issues in this case.