Your final assignment is to undertake an analysis of the company WeWork. Your task is to write a profile of the company; one that provides a broad overview of its business. Your paper should include the key elements of business that we have considered throughout the course such as:

  • the origins and the entrepreneurship story, the founder(s), the funding, the business idea
  • developing the business, turning an idea into reality
  • financing, where did the money come from, who is carrying the risk
  • finding customers and retaining them, understanding the market
  • the people dimension, who to employ and how to reward them
  • the global dimension; the global market and taking advantage of it
  • the economic and market forces that thebusiness operates within and that help to shape its strategy
  • the mission and values of the company

Your task is not to provide brief descriptions of topics like the ones above. Rather, see them as a set of guidelines that will give some structure to your analysis. You might find it useful to undertake a SWOT analysis of the company and as part of your conclusion give your perspective on the future prospects of WeWork. Would you buy shares in the company?