MGMT221 Embry Riddle Aeronautical IS Technology Current Event Essay

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Continuous developments in the realm of information systems technology are promulgated in the news media on an almost daily basis. Somewhere out during the ‘wee hours’ of the night, the latest Bill Gates clone is ‘burning the midnight oil’ working to develop another remotely possible concept into an actual productive technology.

IS Current Event Assignment

In this assignment, search through the articles below, and choose one from the last year relating to an information systems technology that has impacted a business decision or served prominently as a solution utilized by an enterprise. Be aware that some articles in the news feed may not be appropriate for this assignment. The idea here is to locate timely, newsworthy data relating to an MIS that one might utilize as a manager in today’s On-Demand Economy. You will evaluate and synthesize your new-found data and write a summary (minimum 300 words) of the topic in the forum below to share the knowledge with your peers.

• Include current APA style citations and references.

• Post must be a MINIMUM of 250 words.