7. Identify two (2) key strategic issues that TIGER AIR AUSTRALIA

must address for the future  As a strategist, you need to think about

where the company will be in three year’s time. For example, you need to

anticipate customer needs in three year’s time and what you need to do

today in order to be able to meet those needs. You need to anticipate

how your competitor will react or how the industry may change in future.

 Attempt to link the findings of the external audit with internal audit.

8. Strategic plan

 Develop a strategic plan for the future that will address the two key strategic issues identified in section 7.

 Set specific financial and strategic objectives consistent with the chosen strategy

9. Action plan

 Briefly provide an action plan for implementation of the recommended course of action over an 18-month period.use about 6-8 references and the recent one the better APA STYLE and include sub headings for every section