Marketing Strategy Essay

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Prepare the section of Marketing Strategies for your Marketing Plan. In this section, you should discuss different opportunities for KWU to market their MBA program using one or more of the strategies that we learned this week (competitor-based pricing, value based pricing-brand equity, anchoring the price, or others). Discuss what that type of ad campaign would make the consumer “feel” and why it would be successful (in a macro-level, because later we will get to the actual Ad Campaign).

Prepare the paper using APA (including title page and reference page but no abstract). This paper will have at least three levels of headings (Marketing Plan title, Marketing Strategies, & further break down into the types of strategies you would like use ) please use headings per APA guidelines. In addition to your textbook, use at least three peer reviewed sources to supplement your findings for a total of four references