Write a comprehensive essay in at least 5 pages on why modern consumers are abandoning the game of golf and why an alternative like TopGolf is emerging as a popular substitute product / experience. Further, the essay should examine business practices of TopGolf, how those practices address the issues with traditional golf, and how the companies business strategy relates to marketing topics.

For the purposes of the marketing portion, you should specifically use two personas: families with children and a “group of friends out for the night.”

Make sure to address:

  • The current situation
  • Reasons for the current situation
  • How TopGolf was designed to address issues
  • How the TopGolf experience differs from traditional golf
  • What does TopGolf do from consumer entry to follow-up to get repeat customers (ie. retained customers)
  • What parts of TopGolf’s business model and operation enable consumer research
  • Relating all of the above to the new “sales funnel” or co-creation model

The paper should be single spaced for paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs in 12 pt. font.