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Answer Sheet:

Variables List the major study variables, and categorize them as research variables or independent and dependent variables. Discuss how well the variables reflect the concepts from the theory framework. List the demographic variables measured in the study, and any extraneous variables identified by the authors. Evaluate whether or not there are missing demographic variables, in your opinion. 

Research Design Identify the specific study design. Explain whether the design was appropriate to answer the study’s research questions/ hypotheses.  Briefly describe the study procedures, including recruitment, screening for eligibility, consent, timing & method of measurement of demographic & key study variables, and intervention, if applicable. Discuss the clarity of description of study procedures. In other words, could another researcher replicate the study using the procedures described in the article?  If more than one group was included in the study, explain how participants were assigned to groups. Describe any threats to design validity mentioned by the authors.  If they did not describe that, then say so. Describe the limits of generalizability (external validity). 

Population, Sample, & Setting What was the population for the study? Identify the specific sampling method used for the study. Discuss the adequacy of the sampling method for producing a sample representative of the population.  Discuss potential biases with the sampling method used. Identify and evaluate the inclusion and exclusion criteria used in the study. Discuss how the planned sample size was determined (including power analysis & consideration of potential attrition if included). Discuss actual sample size attained for the study, including acceptance rate, refusal rate, and attrition rate. Describe study setting and its appropriateness for the study.

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